I was propelled into fundraising for arts organisations after the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes. Crowdfunding pushed my digital marketing, content creation, events and networking skills to new level raising $96,000 in 46 days off my biggest campaign for Lyttelton Arts Factory (The Loons). 

Pictured above; Street art to get 'The Loons -Begging For It' message out as backdrops for events and photos for social media. Mural by Richard (Popx Art) Baker and Koti Puru.


Through working as a broadcast television editor, and on commercial projects I moved into producing and editing my own videos for fundraising campaigns and music releases. The video content I produced for fundraising campaigns was instrumental in securing donations and was used both on and offline. 

Pictured above: Danny Lee Symme featuring in a Kate Owen music video for the release of the single 'Lover' in 2020.


I edited fast turnaround children’s television for both TVNZ and TV3 (‘Sticky TV’ and ‘The Erin Simpson Show’). These shows were produced in a magazine style format with full production teams and regimented workflows. I edited all field items, and compiled the links, graphics and music beds for review with the producers, and delivered final programmes to the networks. 

Pictured Above; the 'Sticky TV' graphic well know to children of the 2000's.


Through music and fundraising I have been part of 100’s of events over the years. I have planned and managed events and find that through performing as a musician I have good insight into the importance of entertaining people at events. I also understand ticketing/RSVPS, audio and visual elements through music and theatre, and catering through years in hospitality. 

Pictured above; Darryl Cribb presenting the design of 'Lyttelton Arts Factory' to potential donors at one of several fundraising events run during the 'Begging For It' campaign.

"Kate has proven she can deliver great results in high pressure, fast turnaround broadcast television. Kate was an asset to the post production team."
- Tracey Geddes, Line Producer, Whitebait TV