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I can help you create the things you need, to do the things you do.

With twenty years in the creative sector from grass roots music, events and fundraising to feature film productions, I have filled my toolbox with a range of skills to help you make the things you make, and do the things you do.

While how we communicate and commune together is in a constant state of flux, storytelling still relies on organising words, images, sound and most importantly people, to get the messages across.


I can slot into your workflow in a variety of ways. On editing tools or behind a spreadsheet. On set or on the phone.

Project Management

Production of content, planning and managing events, administering campaigns and liaison with teams and clients. 

Video Production

Ten years broadcast television experience meets grass roots content creation.

Digital Marketing

A self-taught digital marketer with a gift for connecting online, who would love to learn more.

“Create something that is so good people can’t sleep without talking about you.” - Seth Godin.

"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse